10 Reasons Why I’m not fit to be a Fashion Blogger

So, I was getting ready to go into town when Odhis called and right after I answered his call, you know, swiped right on that green icon that pops up when someone calls you. He said “your dress is ready and the skirt too.” I said “okay, thanks,” and he ended the call. Odhis knows his fabric and stitches but he’s poor at phone calls. He’s also poor at flattery. The first time I showed him a skirt I’d seen on Pinterest, he just shook his head and said “there’s no way I’m making that skirt for you, it’s not for your body. I cannot let you look like a walking potato.”

So, over time I learned to give him free reign and simply enjoy what he’s made for me.

I got the skirt and dress and when I got home, my younger sister insisted that I should take some Gram worthy photos. She said “you can’t just store them away without taking photos, so try them out and I’ll direct you, something like a fashion shoot.”

I gave her my Camera and ladies and gentlemen…we took over forty photos and six made the cut! Six! So, here are four of the photos and the reasons why I’m clearly not fit to be a Fashion Blogger

So, this was my first pose and it took me seven tries to master it 😦


Had to show off this cool bag :-), um…the nails and the ring courtesy of LemonF @KilimallKenya


Bangles: Hilton Arcade Kenya, 

Earrings, got them off a store at Kisumu City Business Park for $1


And finally, the dress!

  1. Yeah, the whole posing thing, not my vibe! My cheeks hurt due to smiling and I’ve got fat cheeks so, there’s no way I am burning that extra fat as someone clicks away.
  2. The selection process. We took forty and six made the cut, and as I type this (Jackie) made sure only four were revealed. It’s frustrating for a first timer like me.
  3. I’m not so keen on background and lights and all that stuff! Yes, I take photos and know all about this but when someone else is doing it, I’m not cooperative.
  4. Being a Fashion Blogger is knowing a thing or two about trends. I don’t.
  5. I’m a Writer, I am enjoying writing about my experience more than having to go through changing and posing.
  6. Planning and layout, I just can’t, not with clothes and stuff.
  7. Did I mention that this takes a lot of planning, to get the right angle and even when I look at the photos, I’m still like…no, there’s not a single photo where I did the peace sign!
  8. I’m not very fit. Squatting in wedges almost had me not smiling 😦
  9. I suck at giving the outfit details, like who would get a hold of the person who sold me the earrings.
  10. This doesn’t look anywhere as eye-catching as all the Fashion blogs I see.

I’m sending all my love, utmost understanding and respect to all the fashion bloggers in the world. Keep posting awesome trends and making it look so easy WHILE IT’S NOT, for amateurs like me 🙂 I’d also love to send a bigger shout out to my younger sister for awarding me the ‘most difficult’ amateur model she’s ever worked with.

There you have it, my ten reasons or whining if you please, on why I’m not fit to be a fashion blogger, so I’ll stick to my writing and see where that takes me!

10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’m not fit to be a Fashion Blogger

  1. Oh my !! Adore that print, and you pull it off beautifully!!!! I am afraid, I don’t agree… you would be an AMAZING fashion blogger. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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