I thought I knew enough,

Not enough to lead a whole life, but enough, enough not to sink, or fall prey

It’s like a suspicion

A critter that crawls up your earlobe and whispers “It’s a lie” every time

“Don’t fall for that doll, issa scam, doll I’m telling you, issalie.”

I thought I knew enough to sail through this,

To sit back, sip my tea as everything unravels.

See, the truth you’ve been ignoring will smack you in the face.

I told you so, never caresses, it smacks you right in the face.

So, my intuition was right but my questions were unfounded.


Un…where is a bit of self pity when truth takes a seat, when dawn reigns, when words unravel mysteries?

See, I thought I knew enough, turns out I knew nothing because I ignored the little that I had to sustain me.

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