The Ultimate Writer Tag

I love a good tag. They are growing on me, so thank you Jordy for sharing your responses and sharing in two parts, now, let’s do this!

When did you first begin writing?

When I was twelve.

What are the best things about writing?

Creating a world where anything is possible.

Getting words right

What are the worst things about writing?

Not having the story that’s in your mind reflected on paper.

Not being able to write consistently or lacking the psych to simply jot down a sentence.

Being distracted by everything else while there’s this urge to write.

What is your favorite thing to write? (novel, stories, poems etc…)

I love writing short stories. I have also learned that novellas are quite interesting.

What is your favorite genre of writing?

I love writing romance and sometimes I excel at it, but since publishing The Currents Series, I have been drawn to Literary fiction that enables me to incorporate elements of the African culture.

What are your favorite writing resources?

If I say ‘none’ would you believe me?

Do you like writing in Girl’s POV or Boys POV?

I’m good with both and I love writing from the Male Point-of View especially when we are dealing with a drunk man. I live for such characters.

What is your favorite music to listen to while writing?

Oh, anything rocks my boat. I just steer away from Beyonce because I dance more than write whenever I listen to her. Yes, and Sauti-Sol too.

What are your favorite writing snacks?

I don’t snack when I write. I just drink a lot of tea, or a pot of coffee depending on my mood.

What is your favorite place to write?

Anywhere, as long as I can plug in my earphones and mute the world. I’m good to go.

What is your favorite time to write? At what times do you write best?

I write best from 2AM to 4AM.

What are your favorite famous authors/writers?

Grace Ogot, Margaret Ogolla, Azenath Bole Odaga, Chinua Achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi.

What/Who inspires you to keep writing?

I’m inspired by my desire to be vastly read and here’s the thing about ideas, they creep up at any moment, so whenever I get an idea, I put it to test.

Who are your writing buddies?


So, that’s it for today and given that I jumped in on this tag without a welcome mat, I’ll sign out and wish you a lovely weekend.


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