Migori: My stay in pictures

Hello, it feels good to be writing this afternoon. I’ve been on the road for the past twelve days and bits and pieces of my journey has stayed with me. I was working in Migori county and visiting various communities in the eight constituencies has been a thrill. So, before I digress, I’ll share some of the highlights of my stay:

We call this “nguru” but in real sense it’s like an overdose of sugar that demands you drink up to two litres of water for every three bites!
This is the first time I had an ENERGY DRINK, well, I had seven of them but instead of being energized, I was too drained to think straight, the team told me to sit in the back of the Cruiser and sleep!
Yes! Michelle Obama is so awesome that there’s a girls school that’s named after her! 
I can’t tell you that Migori was all tarmac, this is the kind of dust I choked on every working hour!


Every time we came across these trucks, you’d see people pulling out a cane or two and chewing! 
This is my way of planning for a programme session or going through a pre-psychosocial support visit plan. Highlighters and stick notes are bae!

I’m setting out to another county in a day or two, so I’ll probably write some more. Have a great week ahead!


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