Title Me Woman

I found a love,

Bold, Vicious, Manipulative and Tender.

I found a love, that came at me like drones.

A love with hordes of lies, and tender caresses…a love that sang me to sleep and unearthed a new dawn of best wishes.

Oh, This love of mine…

Photo by: Samantha Qeja courtesy of Unsplash.com

I found a love,

Beautiful, Venerating, Morbid and True.

I found a love that came at me like an iron throne.

A love that spoke of a home cooked meal, elegant dressing, never ending income and a supple waist and skin. A love that knew nothing less than a size six.

Oh, this love of mine…

I found a love,

Brave, Vindictive, Mellow and Timid.

I found a love that came at me like a storm and I charged towards it like a hurricane.

We drowned in the now and cast dreams in tomorrow,

Yet, what I couldn’t fathom was the sorrow,

The silence that would come tomorrow.

So, I sat back in my seat…updated my facebook status, read three books, had six cups of instant coffee, drank half a litre of Fanta Orange and refused to write about it.

For, how could this love of mine, shatter what I held so dear?

How could this love, this drone filled love of mine, let his dreams of tomorrow be cast away by the expectations of today? How could he dream of perfection and not work for it?

How could he wear a trouser a size smaller?

How could he not know that one kiss…just one was enough to burn him to ashes?

How could he not know that everything he did could potentially be a best-seller and still submerge in a sea of silence?

I found a love,

Title me Woman.

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