Updates on the Writing Life


Saturdays are slowly becoming my update days. I cannot seem to shake off the urge to post about updates on both my writing and reading life. A friend told me that I have a very rich reading and writing life but need serious intervention on a social  life. My response to that is:

Image result for books are social
Photo Credit: TeePublic/ Google Images

So, I had some funk milkshake at Urban Coffee today- it’s a new coffee joint at Mega Plaza here in Kisumu and I cannot walk by the sweet aroma of brewed coffee, so if I’m ever around that place, I sit down for a cup.

On reading:

As I was making my way home, I kept thinking of the dramatic shift my interest has taken especially with regards to the books I’ve been requesting to read off NetGalley. I met my Goodreads 2018 Challenge,  having read 188 of 180 books. The past two weeks have seen me scout for more books on Business/ Investing/Leadership/Social Inclusion/Multicultural Diversity and Mental Health.

  • I just read Jiwe – a short fantasy tale by Kahiki Enjani Strokez. A Kenyan Writer and if you’re into fiction that serves an African theme, then- check out my review here.


I’ve completed all my reports for the week and cannot wait to get started on these two books this weekend:



On Writing:

Let’s just say that things have been looking up with the final revision of Sifuna and now I am scouting for other online outlets where I can post the books for ease of reading.


I’ve been listening to the album Cage to Rattle by Daughtry

I’m on my sixth cup of coffee this evening

I cannot stop obsessing about Erkenci Kus– this Turkish Telenovela I stumbled upon on YouTube.

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