Love Anew

I want you and you want someone else,

So I stay hoping you will turn around, but even then I know that I don’t have to make you love me.

I am in the sea of tomorrow, you might come across this text, or see this in the quiet moments before you go to bed and know that what I said five years ago was my way of asking for time.

I got it.

The Lone Flower by Jackson Jost via Unsplash

I got the distance, because back then you wanted me and I wanted someone else,

So, you stood there and looked away knowing I was cruel to break your heart.

My greatest fear is that you’ll read this and call,

You will call and ask “was that for me?” and a part of me will hesitate, but even then, we’d both know I mean every word.

So, I will immortalize you in words,

Soak you up in chapters,

Craft you in images and sail the course of feelings.

I will smile and sit back knowing that I sent you my love and the universe was kind enough to remind me that “sorry love, you had your chance.”

I’ll give the universe the middle finger and settle down at Java, drown in your smile, order an iced mocha and chocolate cake and listen to Emile Sande.



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