When a character takes over

Dear Writers,

What do you do when a Character takes over your story?

Do you

a). Think of ways of killing them?

b). Groan and shriek until your frustration oozes onto the paper?

c). Ask ‘Google,’ just to make sure that you are not losing your mind?

I started writing and had this lead character in mind but somehow he’s been usurped by a secondary character and now I cannot help but drink an extra cup of tea and wish I was on the road to Busia.

So, I tried to cast my writing aside, talked about my frustrations, read a book, watched an episode of Erkenci Kus, and had a piece of chocolate, all to no avail.

I ended up taking snippets of the story to create posts for Facebook, and ended up settling on this.

“You should not trust everything you hear from Sifuna. I know we are childhood friends. Trust me; I am grateful that you gave me a job when no one else was willing to. I also know that

There has to be something that I can do before giving in and seeing where the story will lead, until then, I will rack my brain and keep watching Erkenci Kus.

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