Monday: There is no such thing as romance

Diana hated two things about work: going to work and delays in salaries.

What could have been an early and brief meeting, turned out to be a complaints session. Duncan, the new HR Assistant, bore the brunt of it all. How could salaries delay by a week? Why couldn’t the Accounts team prepare everything before any of the signatories traveled abroad? Hadn’t they heard of electronic signatures or an electronic payroll software system?

Diana sipped her tea and tapped her feet. The first had nothing to do with the second, but they seemed to help her contain her fury.

She had exams and KNEC never understood salary delays.

There was the other feeling of walking into an ATM Lobby and coming out with a few wads of cash that made all the difference. Yes, there was also the Mshwari loan payment that was due in four days and she had worked so hard to get to the six thousand shillings limit!

She looked at her wrist watch, let out a sigh and then turned towards the door. The Director and a team were approaching. Setting aside her mug, she pulled out her notebook, set her phone on silent mode and sat up straight in her chair.

“Good morning everyone. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. There are a few things I would like to discuss with you, however, let me state that we understand the delay in salaries have inconvenienced you. We are truly sorry and Matthew, the Accounts Manager has some news to share, Matthew…”

“Yes, morning everyone, we are sorry and we sat down with the Director to resolve the issue and you will receive your salaries by noon today.”

Everyone went back to their duty stations an hour later and Diana was asked to see the Accounts Manager to resolve some issues in the Marketing and PR Budget she had submitted.

She turned towards Charles, but he was on his phone with one earpiece plugged in his right ear, either watching youtube videos or chatting on whatsapp. Killing him seemed the best option if she found out that he had failed to include any of her recommendations. It did not help that he was the Director’s cousin. Short, arrogant, a slacker and worst off…had the most annoying accessory any man of his status could own, a worn out maasai leather belt!

The other thing about Diana was that she never knocked on doors.

So, when Matthew turned to find her seated opposite him in his office, he couldn’t help but say “Hi, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I’m here as you requested.”

“Yes, well, we received your budget and there are some amendments that will have to be made. The account you expect to receive money from, has certain stipulations and that would largely affect when you get the money and how much you get.”

“Okay, so let’s have a look and see what we can do.”

“Um…are you always this serious?”

“Money is a serious matter, especially when it’s not yours and you are tasked with putting it to good use.”

“Yes, it’s just that…forget that, let’s look at what you submitted.”

He handed the file over to her and smiled. Diana frowned then accepted the file and opened it to go through the details.

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