Friday: You see what you see, others see what you don’t

Diana did not attend the Friday morning briefing meeting. She had two reasons for her absence. One reason was valid while the other was majorly an excuse but she could not bring herself to admitting it, not even when she was summoned to the Director’s office later on before tea break.

She had learned two things in her short professional life; if she could be hired, she could be fired and that she had no friends at work.

Christina walked up to her during tea break, her vanilla scented perfume filling the room as her heels endlessly tapped the tiled floor.

“Hi Dee, so tell me, what is this I hear about the beef between you and Charles?”

“What do you hear?”

“Rumor has it that you poured cold water on the guy asking him to cool down the “I am the Director’s cousin, card” that he’d been playing ever since he got here. So, is that why the boss summoned you into his office?”


“Okay and what’s with you and TDH at Accounts?”

“Sorry…what’s that? Is it a new software or something?”

“Aki I swear, you are slow sometimes Dee, I am talking about Mattoh, the tall, dark and very handsome Accounts Manager who never talks to anyone who is mathematically challenged like us minions. He suddenly asks to meet you and then you two take a drive out to talk budgets and suddenly he is smiling and chatting to people, in fact, talk of the devil…he’s just walked in.”

Diana looked in the direction her colleague was looking and saw Matthew walk in, when his eyes met hers, he smiled. Her mind drifted back to Diana’s description of the man, and she could see bits of the handsome, not the dark or her kind of tall, but he did know how to pick his shirts. She smiled back and waved him over.

She kept her eyes on him until he got to them and then she introduced him to Christina.

Her colleague giggled and excused herself.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great and you?”

“Well, I’m good, your friend told us that you were unwell and that’s why you missed this morning’s meeting. I am glad to hear you are feeling better.”

“Which friend?”

“The one you introduced me to right now.”

“Well, it’s great that she spoke for me.”

“She meant well, maybe, so what are you having?”

“Green tea.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s healthy tea, would you like to try it?”

“No thanks, I will stick to my drinking chocolate, maybe another time, I am not feeling adventurous this morning, there’s a pile of work that’s bugging me.”

“You’ll manage, you know your figures so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“No, but it’s a Friday and I need to unwind, catch up with sleep and all that.”

“I see.”

“Wait…what are you doing this weekend?”

“Sleeping…I am definitely sleeping. I will do some laundry and maybe go to the salon or market, but that’s just it, why?”

“There’s this place, I believe you’d love, I mean it’s all about art and creativity and the walls are colorful, maybe we could check it out, if you don’t mind.”

“It sounds like something I’d love, okay, sure, why not…but I hope you are not taking me to some dingy place.”

“Define dingy.”

“See you then Matthew, now let me get back to my desk and wrap up my report.”

“Yes, sure.”

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