Monday: Blue

Christina’s hovering was not unnoticed by Diana, in fact, she knew the woman had a lot to gossip about but her mind was undoing the mess that Charles had caused last week.

When she finally got off her seat and made it to the kitchenette, she found the sugar dish empty and a run in with Agnes confirmed that they did not have any left.

“You can go to third floor to ask for sugar,” added Christina, materializing from the haze she’d been in. Diana smiled and thanked her before walking back to her office.

She would place an order for early lunch from the restaurant across the street, that would save her some time. “Hey, Dee, can I go and get the sugar for you? I know the accounts team wouldn’t mind sharing.”

“Don’t you have work to do Christina?”

“It’s still tea-break time and besides, I hear you and Mattoh are a thing, good for you! He’s great, now the ladies on first floor can stop saying that he is married! Like who would believe that the man is married, he only wears two colors of shirts!”

“Christina, why are you in my office?”

“Look, the way I see it, it’s not bad if you two start a thing. I mean, for me, I would not want a guy I liked knowing my salo, like he knows what I make plus and minus tax? Eish, there is no way he would ever believe I am broke.”

“How does all his help me Christina?”

“You know, people here, call you ‘Ndimu’ but you are focused. You want results and go after it, so good for you. I am just saying that you should not listen to what people around you say, it’s none of their business.”

“You are around me.”

“Can I get you the sugar?”

“No, thanks. I’ll get it myself. You can go back to your desk.”

“Sawa sawa.”

The first thing Diana noticed when she walked into the accounts office was that Matthew was wearing a blue shirt.



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