Tuesday: Brown

Walking to work from the bus stop was the one thing Diana hated to do, especially if it involved light showers and morning chills. She needed to cut down costs so as to make her finances work for her till pay day.

This August had been the worst month because she had moved houses and now had to deal with new neighbors who knew nothing about keeping their music preference to themselves. There was also the tenant in the main house who made it a habit to show up after midnight, his car tyres grinding the gravel like they were administering punishment. The last and worst of all had to be their dog, Juno or Jano, whatever the mutt’s name was, she could not stand the bursts of howls into the night, or his barking at shadows.

She loved her new place. It was cosy and spacious.

It was the one place she could simply be.

Now, after spending on moving and new furniture and clothes she had to cut costs on daily expenditure and that meant getting rained on in the morning.

She signed in at the reception, said hello to the ladies and as she was walking to the lift, Gladys called out to her.

“Haiya! You are not enjoying the free public holiday?”

“I wish! I have three reports to submit today, I had to convince HR to let me work for a few hours and then I’d be out, Boss amecome?”

“Ai, no way, but you know him. Atakuja alafu aishi hapa mpaka kesho!”

Her mind was still reeling from how easy it was to talk to Matthew about budget concerns, her work and art. She never thanked him for being good company on Saturday, and she never did say the same yesterday as they walked to the bus stop.

She knew he had a car, but she did not ask why he chose to walk her to the bus stop. Each moment seemed to add onto a sensation, a confidence that she enjoyed. As she put her bag on her desk and reached out for the pack of soft tissues, she heard someone call out to her down the hall. She looked around and walked towards the exit of the office floor, Matthew was waving at her, “Pick your office phone.”

“Okay.” She walked back to her desk and picked the phone at the third ring.

“Good morning, you came in early and so I thought, I’d say hello.”

“Hello, Matthew, you could have just come down and said as much.”

“This is better, we have to make use of company resources at some time. Did you get rained on?”

“Yes, I walked from the bus stop.”

“Sorry, I can get you some sugar, that’s if you still don’t have any and maybe you could have that green tea you love.”

“Yes, please, thank you.”

“I’ll be there shortly.”

When he walked into her office, Diana had removed her shoes and jacket and was busy wiping her feet dry. She turned to look at him, smiled and he could not for the sake of fate understand just how they both wore brown to work.

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