Wednesday: Green

Diana was thrilled to be at work.

There were seven days to pay day and Matthew had promised her that this month, they’d receive their salaries two days earlier because the signatories would be out of the country. He had also bragged about ensuring that the HR finally had the new software she needed to process the payroll.

Truly speaking, his words were of no concern to her, save for the fact that she would be getting her salary real soon. It also meant that she could deposit her chama contribution before the 6th day of the next month.

There was also the SGR package that she wanted to get to Mombasa courtesy of Bonfire Adventures for her upcoming leave.

Last week’s confrontation with Charles had earned her a meeting with the Director where she laid her cards bare. His calm demeanor as she expressed her dissatisfaction with Charles work had earned her the Director’s respect and inasmuch as he apologized, he ensured that Charles was assigned another project that would ensure they never butt heads in the office. She found it less of a compromise, but it was neither her company nor her venture capital and she settled for peace.

As she read Charles email requesting her presence at a pitch for a client, Diana could do nothing but roll her eyes. There was something sleazy and downright off about Charles. If there was someone that she could turn into chewing gum, it’d be him. Her parents had often told her to cool her wrath and though they were wiser, she could not cool it around Charles.

She called Michael and Helen who were just settling in and shared the email with them. None of them had any idea of what and to whom Charles was pitching that morning. She called the Creative desk for information and received a summary that was neither appealing nor sensible, but she knew that the Creatives were never good at conversation. They could sketch the gods or design a program that could take you to another dimension, but ten minutes in their company was enough to either make you dumb or insane.

Getting off her seat and walking to the lift, she felt as though Charles was picking a battle with her, but even then, she was not in a fighting mood. Her salary was coming soon and she wanted that holiday package!

“What are you smiling about?”

“Oh, hi Matthew, how are you today?”

“I am fine thank you, so are you getting in or not?”

“Oh, sorry, I just zoned out for a second, I’m definitely getting in.”

“You zoned out for more than a minute, I know that look, everyone has been saying hi to me or just smiling at me today, it’s pay week and people are nice.”

“So, are you suggesting that I am being nice to you because you are doing your job?”

“Eish! Am I being summoned to the Principal’s office? It was on a light note, and where are you off to? Si, I thought the second floor was off limits to your kind of people?”

“Ha ha! Funny! I just got an email from Charles, he wants me to attend some pitch meeting but I have no details.”

“Oh, Charles…the one whom you threatened and he ran to the Director?”

“Wait, does everyone in this company know that? Why are people so nosy?”

“They are not, oh, and I’m giving you a heads up. I am also going to be attending that meeting, but now we are on my floor.”

“Wait, I pressed two!”

“I know, but you were talking, besides, I have something to show you and we both know that our people rarely come down to your floor.”

“What is it with you and talk of ‘our people’ ‘your people’ did someone offend you this morning?”

“Enough, Diana, come sit down. I got you something.”

Diana sat down but her eyes were glued to the door. Matthew was a nice guy. He was intelligent, tall (not her kind of tall), great company and he had a warm smile. The kind of smile that grew on you.

She did not want things to get complicated and for once, she could not summon the courage to table her fears.

He took off his coat and then handed her a ticket. “What is this?”

“It’s a ticket to a play.”

“I can see that it is a ticket and to a play this Friday evening, so, why should I go?”

“You are not going to make this easy for me are you?”

“Make what easy?”

“I see. Well, here’s the deal, I would like you to accompany me this Friday evening, I’d like us to watch this play.”

“What if I have plans?”

“Do you have plans?”

“Not yet, but I might.”

“Diana, this is not a business transaction, would you come watch the play, besides, you could learn a thing or two that’ll help you.”

“Really? Like the Art place we visited last Saturday?”

“Something like that.”

She was going to turn him down but then she noticed that the shirt he was wearing was a nice shade of green.

“Matthew, are you wearing a mint shirt?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your shirt, the color, it’s mint?”

“No, it’s green.”

“Trust me Matthew, it’s mint!”

“Mint, like chewing gum, mint?”

“No! It’s mint, a nice shade of green. I like it.”

“Um…okay, yeah…sawa, thanks.”

She stood up and left, her heels digging into the carpet as she walked to the lift. His gaze lingered on her before he heard someone clear their throat. He turned and Zach was there, a grin on his face, “wewe kwisha!”

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