Matthew made his way to Diana’s desk as soon as he got off the lift.

It was eleven o’clock and the assurance he had that she was at work was seeing that she’d signed in at the reception desk. He would not admit that getting that information from the ladies at the front desk involved him hearing that he’d softened up the lemon of the office.

She was on phone when he approached and signaled him to take the seat next to her. He looked around the office as she chatted away.

“So, how are you today? Thanks for checking up on me.”

“I am fine and that’s a start, so what happened?”

“It’s like I told you, I needed time to work on some reports and a call from the Director gave me just that.”

“Are you sure that it’s nothing to do with Charles?”

“Look, maybe we could talk about it later, but there is this meeting that I have to set up and everyone including the Director is dreading it.”

“I just came in to check up on you. If you are doing well, then I’m good. So, what are you doing after work?”

“I am going home.”

“Wait, it’s a Friday, what are you doing, going home early?”

“I need to get some sleep so…now going out and all that.”

Matthew leaned in a said “We’ll see about that,” and smiled.

As he got to his feet, Helen, giggled and after one look from Diana she said “did you see what he was wearing?”

“Yeah, clothes.”

“He’s wearing a white shirt!”


“Haiya, kwani you…haven’t you ever noticed that he’s never, like never come to work in a white shirt?”


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