It took every ounce of resolve he had not to reach out and shake Diana. Did she like him? Maybe, but even if she did not, what use was it seeking him when she needed him? He could do better, but even then, there was something about her that called out to him.

He would never admit to his friends his reason for staying at the company.

He would never even let her know just how much he sought her presence, listening in for her input during weekly meetings, leaning towards her as she spoke or even just walking her to the bus stop.

When he snapped out of his reverie, she’d taken a step back and was rubbing her forehead. “Look, Matthew, I am not the best company today. Can we go through that document tomorrow?”

“Go home Diana, we’ll work on this whenever you want to. No pressure.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, now go home, get some rest.”


She’d then taken the stairs her hand caressing the rail as she descended, every step, as measured as her conflicting thoughts and there was nothing Matthew could do about it. She was at the realm of her department and someone as minute as Charles couldn’t help but make it impossible for her to excel.

Wednesday mornings were learning sessions at the company and Matthew knew how to wiggle his way out the sessions because one, he hated taking that half hour learning when he ought to consolidate budgets and two, sometimes the sessions involved webinars that he could seek out in his own time.

He took out his phone to dial Diana’s number. His thoughts went back to the conversation they had yesterday and he slid his phone into his pocket. If she needed him, she would come to him.

There was a meeting he had been scheduled to attend later on in the day. He thought of driving to the other end of town and it killed him because that meant spending a fortune on petrol. He could do well with parking his car outside his apartment, it’d save him a lot, but boarding matatus was not his cup of tea.

He pushed in the door to his office and the first person he saw was Diana sitting on his chair, a highlighter in her hand with a document that was more green than it had been black and white.

“You are sitting in my chair.”

“Good morning to you too Matthew, it’s the only comfortable one I could find, besides they were cleaning the other offices. Are you going to sit down or just stand there staring at me?”

“You know what, I just don’t get you…like, I mean…you know what, forget it, you are here.”

“I am here.”



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