Thursday: Phonecalls

Diana had come to two conclusions: she would ask the Director to assign Charles a team and she would spend as much time as she wished with Matthew. The first conclusion was well received by her boss but not so much by Charles who had the audacity to ask “what work does she have that makes her so busy?”

In true Diana form, she had answered him right there, “you could always try and know just how much, by pushing for my termination and then taking my job, or better yet, you could get years of experience.”

The Director had just sighed and asked Charles to leave his office. Diana was too restless to sit down and even as she felt him get out of his seat and move towards her, she could not simmer down, “Diana, you have been working with me for three years. In those three years, I have never had any cause for alarm, because you are well aware of what your duties are. Charles is a boy, he is yet to grow up.”

“Sir, that is where you are wrong! He is paying taxes and to me that’s not a boy! He is responsible enough to want attention and credit but he does not want to work for it.”

“You are right.”

“I know he is your family. I know that you are doing your very best to keep him focused, but you ought to warn him, because the more he goes around telling everyone that he is in-charge, the less they’ll respect you and that is not fair.”

“So, are you worried about the level of respect I command or the fact that Charles is slacking off?”

“The latter will result into the former, Sir.”

“You always speak your mind Diana, be careful with that. Everyone is not as accommodating as I am.”

It did not come to a surprise to her when she bumped into Christina during tea break. The weather had been all over the place and what started as part chilly was now breaking into a full blown drizzle.

She was happy that her negotiation with the Director had earned her a raise. It was about time she got that and now, if she could focus on her studies, she could look into a higher position by the end of the year.

“So, tell me Dee, how’s it going with your new man?”

“What man?”

“Ai, si, you and Mattoh, ama you guys are not a thing? And don’t tell me you are just friends, because the high and mighty math guru does not just come to your floor to count numbers. I hear he was very worried when you did not show up to work, so tell me, how are things with him?”

“You have told me not to tell you, so I won’t.”

“Eish, kwani, what do you mean?”

“You said it, you don’t want to hear that we are just friends, so there’s nothing for me to tell you.”

“I can’ believe you! But, listen, listen, so do you like him or are you just a ka-watermelon?”

“What do you mean by ka-watermelon?”

“I mean, are you fifty fifty about him?”

“Look, you are going to arrive to a different conclusion, no matter what I say and that’s okay with me, but when you think about it, let me know and maybe I could listen to what you have to say.”

“Ooh, okay, sawa tu, so now you won’t tell your friend anything.”

“We are not friends, you only approach me for entertainment, please.”

“Eish, and you are in some mood today, ama bae did not call you so now you are mad?”

Diana sipped her tea, flashed Christina a smile and reached for her phone.

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