Saturday: Take a Chance

Matthew parked outside Diana’s apartment block.

He had called earlier to confirm if their lunch date was on, and she had mumbled a few things, one along the lines of affirmation.

Their night out had involved watching her dancing and loosen up, in between breaks she would catch his eye and then lose herself in the music. He adjusted his car seat, leaned back in for a short nap as he waited.

Diana tapped the window as soon as she was close enough to see that Matthew was inside the car.

“Hey…sorry, I was just resting a bit as I waited for you. Are you ready to go?”

“I am here, aren’t I?”

“Yes it seems you are.”

“Thanks for coming to get me. So, where are we going for lunch?”

“There’s this cool place in Mlolongo, if you are up for a road trip, we could make it there and back, what do you say?”

“Okay, besides, I do not have to be at work this Monday, so I have all the time in the world, let’s go.”

“Look, about that, will you be coming back? I mean, it just feels like you have accepted the Director’s decision so easily, I don’t know…if it were me, I’d put up a fight.”

“Look, you mean well, and some part of you feels like I have been wronged, but if there is something that I learned a long time ago is that, if someone pays me to work, they can decide to stop paying me. Now, the Director has not stopped paying me, he has reduced my responsibilities and I have a few weeks to make things right, to seek other opportunities or even take a break and re-evaluate my role in this company.”

“But, you’ve been here for three years, that guy came this year, how is it that he gets first priority?”

“He is family and if the boss thinks he’s important, then so be it.”

“Will you be coming back to work after your vacation?”

It might have been the same smile that she gave him, or how she shook her head as she strapped herself using the seat belt that made him look out the window. He’d not turned on the ignition but even then, he could not help the feeling that filled him whenever he was around Diana.

She was bossy, unpredictable, fun and sometimes completely selfish- and he knew a thing or two about office romance, besides there was that time he hooked up with the ka-light chic at the reception. There was also the time when he could not help but take that partner to Mombasa, but with Diana, he couldn’t figure out where they stood.

She’d not answered him and he knew she would not.

For the love of his sanity, he could not understand just how much he wished she would stay and choose him, well…if she could choose him and keep him, then he’d be glad, but even then, would she come back?

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