8 Funny African Proverbs

Africans are known for a lot of things, but today, I’d like to share eight proverbs that crack me up every time.

  1.  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.
  2. Anger, no matter how hot it is, can never cook yam.
  3. A monkey that eats grass instead of banana is a goat.
    Ian Macharia took this/Unsplash.com


  4. However much the buttocks are in a hurry, they will always remain at the back.
  5. A female tongue gets things more easily than a strong man.
  6. You cannot run and scratch your ass at the same time.
  7. If men swear that they want to harm you when you are asleep, you can go to sleep. If women say so, stay awake.
  8. No matter how powerful a man is, he cannot make the rains fall on his farm alone.

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