In my feelings…or not

I am in my feelings this week. I think it has something to do with being sick, because for someone who believed that she’d not be struck down by Malaria, well, it proved me wrong. The past three days have been as nauseating, sweaty, dizzy and full of a bitter after taste as only Malaria can serve.

I discovered that I love oranges.

Yes, well, I am more of a banana girl, and oranges were just not my thing, until Sunday evening! So, yeah, I definitely like oranges.


Before I get ahead of myself, let me state that inasmuch as I never liked the fruit, my favorite color is Orange and I can drink Fanta Orange any time!

I know, I am in my feelings and if you are like me, you’ve probably counted the number of “I”s that have made it into this post thus far.

It feels good to write today and staring at a computer screen without getting a major headache is the most welcome relief.

I wanted to write another short story series for this coming week, something that’s closer to my heart in life, a bit of my life experiences that meant something and in a way still do, and now I am glad that I can finally settle down and get to it. (It’s a bit different from the Love in the Office series).

My music playlist has shifted these few days and I find myself listening to these five songs on repeat and I’m stuck on them:

My friend says that I am a ball of energy and she can never contain herself around me. She also adds that I have my guard way up high that I never let anyone in, and she fears what tomorrow holds for me and I always tell her not to worry and stuff my face with cake. Well, I am in my feelings, and I’m taking each feeling as it comes, for now, I am looking outside the window…knowing that it’s coming to rain and I feel like I could write this new feeling a letter and give it a piece of my mind.

Have a lovely evening.

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