Aziza and Juhudi

Aziza knew he was outside her hut as soon as the sun graced the skies. She removed her white robe, folded it and threw it into the golden chest beside her bed. She rubbed some soot from the koroboi on her face and then put on her black gown and carried her sack of trinkets out.

“Shikamoo Aziza, hujambo!”


“I saw you watching us yesterday and I am sorry I could not come to you then.”

“Juhudi, is that you? Well, go and dance away, the moon is shining on the people on the other side of the Indian Ocean.”

“Aziza…you are the only one I talk to because the world is changing, the waves hit the shore harder every night, and the girl, she is going to summon him here again. I do not know what will become of us if he comes for the girl.”


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