Askthetic asks 10 questions

I came across a pin that had these insightful and fun questions and decided to respond to them. So, ten questions and ten brief answers, here goes:

What color do you talk in?

Orange and sometimes black

Radio or mp3?

Definitely mp3, radio’s lost it’s lustre

What movie character would you choose to be your parent and why?

Image result for madea gif

Look I already have a Mom who is a Kenyan version of Madea, but for some reason, I wouldn’t mind an extra dosage of crazy, as long as I don’t have to bail her out of jail.

Would you rather have clouds for feet or suns for hands?

Clouds for feet

If you could breathe music, which artist would you choose to inhale and which would you choose to exhale?

Definitely inhale Hozier and exhale Eminem

Would you rather have hair that changes color with emotion or get injured each time you’re touched by the person you love?

Definitely the hair that changes color with emotion, no injuries for me.

Would you rather be the night sky or the day sky?

The night sky

Would you rather be the sky or the earth?

The earth

Would you rather be the earth or the moon?

The moon

Would you rather be the moon or the sun?

The moon

PS: The short story series: Swazuri continues tomorrow 🙂

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