Aziza and Lawama

Aziza felt the girl’s rage when she returned from the mainland. Lawama, who stood like a loyal steward, beside her, bowed when Aziza met his eyes, but even then, he was calm.

She looked at the girl and asked the guards to leave the room.

The girl’s rage was overpowering every being and as their queen all their fears and anxiety manifested in her spirit.

“You are upsetting the balance of the waters little girl.”

“The waters cannot be moved Aziza, how then can I be upsetting that which cannot be moved?”

“You talk like you’ve seen ten moons, but remember your place little girl. Now tell me, why are you so fueled by what would consume you from the inside?”

“Juhudi is blind and he is dying.”

“He is mortal, that is inevitable.”

“I know, but a part of me feels like I am responsible for whatever has befallen him. Aziza, can I see him and be with him before he dies?”

“Is that why you are like this?”

“Yes, wouldn’t you be angry at yourself if the one who raised you was dying while you had the gift of immortality?”

“You are like him little girl. You tell only what you choose to, but Lawama will keep a close on you, you may fool the world but you will never fool me.”

“Thank you Aziza.”

Swazuri stepped back and walked out of the room leaving Lawama in the company of Aziza. The sun had graced the mainland by now and she knew that Juhudi would soon take his last breath. She would bring the wrath of Ghadhabu on all of them, starting with Aziza.


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