There is a tale that is told among the people of the lake. They say that when the lake is angry, it consumes everything but itself. They also say that when men speak of the woman who rose from the depths of the lake, they lose their tongues and their eyes.

However, when it was her time to grace the mainland, Juhudi was by the shore. His flute in hand, his eyes looking up at the waters, awaiting her presence.

“The Prince of Sirens, what brings you to my lake?”

“They have your great grand daughter Ghadhabu. I could not protect her from them, not this time, I also failed to protect your grand daughter from their wrath.”

“You did what you could and now, it is time for you to finally close your eyes, Prince of Sirens. Tell me, what did you name her?”

“I did not name her.”

“Who named her?”

“Her mother.”

“What’s her name?”


paul-zoetemeijer-728643-unsplash (1)

Ghadhabu turned to look at the lake, even after all the years, she never got close enough to her grandchild. Swazuri would be the seventh Princess that would never inherit her kingdom because Aziza had waged a war on her without fair warning.

She looked at the moon as Juhudi sang. His voice was as beautiful as she’d first heard of it centuries ago but even then she knew that his time had come and he was too proud to drink from her lake. He’d sired seven daughters, six of whom were no more, and one who was being trained to destroy the very person who brought her to life, her vengeance knowing no bounds, her wrath consuming the people who lived by the lake.

“Did you bring my drum?” she asked Juhudi.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“May the gods favor you into the after life Juhudi. I fear that Swazuri’s rage will never cease to destroy the ones who love her. Did you know that my Mother was named Swazuri? Yes, your grandmother was named Swazuri. She was the best warrior that ever graced the seas…I wonder what awaits me this time.”

“Do not despair Your majesty…this time, maybe this time, I did reveal everything to my daughter, I only ask that you spare my brother. There is more that he is yet to learn.”

“I will not make you any promises Juhudi, but I can preserve your soul so you can behold your daughter one more time.”



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