Updates on the Writing Life

I have been counting the days to the end of this month and somehow, knowing that we’ve got five days left has me feeling a bit anxious.

When it comes to writing, I could say that this month’s been gracious and I have written one short story series, This Love and managed to wrap up September’s short story series Swazuri.

I also managed to ship a few copies of my books and sold them to friends, and their feedback has been much appreciated.

However, the one question I’ve constantly been asked this month is “when is your next book going to be available?” In the first week of hearing this question, I was more relaxed and quick to give the Writer answer “soon,” but as time went by, I felt choked by it, more like I was failing readers by not releasing a book immediately and in an attempt to please my Mentor, I emailed him the manuscript of Sifuna and he said “it’s rubbish!” Can I just say that there’s no one whose neck I’d love to wring as much as my Mentor’s? 

He was right.

I will not aim to please because it’s my name on the book cover. I am the one who is sharing a story with a reader and inviting them to invest in it, so there’s no way I am going to produce something that I know to be incomplete.

black retractable pen on opened book beside red and white go get'em-printed coffee cup
Kyle Glenn/ Unsplash.com

So, I started by saying that I was counting the days to the end of October, and this is solely because I am participating in NanoWrimo (check out my profile) hoping to see where my love for this new novel idea will take me.

That’s all there is to say and I’ve got Hillsong’s So Will I ( 100 Billion X) on repeat as I attempt to create an outline for this upcoming writing project.

Have an awesome weekend!


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