10 Reasons Why: Time

I had a simple task; tell Javans about this crush I’ve had on him. I could have, in fact, I should have but I cannot. I should have told my friends so, but between Javans saying he was partying all through the weekend with his girlfriend and inviting me to tag along, I could clearly see that he was taken with her. He did not deserve to be given options when he could make a choice and stick with it. I told Maggie just this.

red rose flower
Photo by: Carlos Quintero/ Unsplash.com

However, I should have known that Maggie is not one to be told “not” to do anything. She went and told Javans about the crush I have on him.

I have not answered his calls or replied his text messages.

Now, he’s looking for me and I am doing everything to stay away from him, because the truth is I need time. Now that he knows, I prefer being his friend and would not want him to pursue me. Is there any level of cowardice as great as this?

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