Like Yarn

My beloved is a master story-teller.

He spins tales like yarn.

Every word, every movement of his tongue, a widening of brown eyes- a smirk here, a dimple there, a drop in his pitch…a weaver of tales.

“I am with the guys.”

“I have been working on this ka-project.”

“Don’t worry, maybe next time, in fact, next time, it will work.”

“Good night.”

“I was calling to check up on you.”

My beloved is gifted in spinning tales, Oh how each word could be like a yarn of gold, I’d have built castles, rented out rooms and earned myself a holiday to Greece.

person using black smartphone
Photo by Radu Mihai/

My beloved is a master story teller.

And like a moth to a flame I find myself counting and looking forward to a thousand and one nights.

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