Books for Aurora

Nothing beats going through a family library, a collection of books that made an impact on a loved one so much so that they preserved them for years. I shared a set of books I’d set aside in 2015 under “Books for my daughter.” I’ve read many more titles since then especially ebooks.

So, whenever I come across books that move me, I keep them safe, set them aside for my daughter.


I hope she loves reading and does not limit her words to one genre but reads as many books and as diverse authors as possible.



I hope that she comes across a book, looks at it with awe, and asks questions about the book. For, if she asks “how did you come across this book?” I’ll have an answer and a story to accompany it.



And dear heavens, if she is not a book lover, spare me the heartbreak and whatever you do, do not turn me into her enemy when I try to make her read.



4 thoughts on “Books for Aurora

  1. Love the line…If she doesn’t like books…that’s how I feel about my son. He read voraciously tot through 10ish. Now, that he’s a 12, he’s reading less. Still reading, but not devouring 5 books in a week. I hope it’s just his age and the busyness of tween life because I have rooms filled with books for him to read. Literally. I’ve held on to books “because my child might want to read this.” And I was saying this waaaay before I even had a child.

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    1. You have just put a huge smile on my face. 😊My nephew is 9 and I got him a comic book which he loved and devoured for two days then went back to playing games on his mom’s phone. I hope your son rekindles the love of words and gets to read the books in your collection.

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      1. Oh he still reads, and says he loves reading, but he no longer sits for 4 hours straight. I want the four hours straight back. Lol! The comic books are wonderful to get boys hooked! So are those Wimpy Kid books.

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