What I learned by playing music on shuffle

I put my playlist on shuffle yesterday at 7:43pm. I was writing a meeting plan and thought why not just click that icon that looks like a pair of scissors and let it entertain me?

Well, world, there’s something intriguing about shuffle. So, the first ten songs that came on were:

  1. I’m not the Only One by Sam Smith
  2. September by Daughtry
  3. Wanderlust by James Bay
  4. L’Origine Nascosta by Ludorico Einauchi
  5. Romantica by Il Volo
  6. Unconditionally Bae by Sauti Sol & Ali Kiba
  7. No Scrubs by TLC
  8. Calypso (Remix) by Luis Fonsi
  9. Sexy Dance by Fally Ipupa
  10. Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw

When Fally Ipupa’s song came on, I was on my feet dancing till I spilled some of the tea I was drinking on the floor and it didn’t help that the lights went out right when I’d gone to fetch a mop from the bathroom.

Image result for is that my song gif

But, that’s not why I am writing this post. I am writing it for a host of reasons aside from vanity.

I am writing it because I learned that:

  • I have a lot of albums that I have barely listened to.
  • Playing songs on shuffle mode is like taking a stroll, you don’t know where the trail will lead you but you cannot help but take in every moment, enjoying every new thing that comes your way.
  • Songs can distract you from work and shuffle follows no theme or order, one song is melancholic the other is upbeat, it just plays as it goes.
  • It’s been three months since I listened to any song by One Direction and in my world that means that I have been of sound mental health for their songs are what I go to when my mood needs lifting.

Have you ever hit the shuffle button on your player? What’s your experience been like?

In other news:

I am currently reading: You vs You: 12 Ways to Kick Your Own Ass and Win by Todd Cahill

Image result for you vs you todd cahill

I’m drinking: Tea

It’s: 28 Degrees Celcius here in Mbita.


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