You and I,

We are tender.

For where there was once a smile, a nod, a smirk, comes hesitation…

A silent pause before you talk.

A rushed conversation.

So, I keep these thoughts to myself,

Laugh at a misunderstanding,

Yearn for redemption…no, I do not like you that way, not in that way.

You and I,

We are the sky, vast but miles apart.

So, I float in my thoughts, wallow in my worries, surrender to a cold shoulder.

Cold shoulders in sweltering heat.

It’s sad that whoever whispered into your ear, never spoke in my presence.

You and I are like the thoughts that call your mind their home…friends who need distance.

So, here I am…watching you close the door, the windows, draw the curtains, switch off the lights…

You and I are what happens when another seeks attention but knows only one tactic “divide and conquer.”

woman falls on purple surface
Bruce Christianson/Unsplash.com

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