A little thing about birthdays

So, here’s the deal, today’s my birthday. It’s also International Women’s Day. So, here’s more power to women.

I thought of settling down this Sunday, getting my thoughts together and writing this post but there’s no way that’s happening because I am working over the weekend and come midnight, this day’s gone! So, yeah, turning older is quite the treat and this year, I am miles away from my family so it means no Java treats! I’m simple like that[coffee+ cake]

But here’s one little thing about birthdays that irks me; “hbd.”

I have a feeling that social media has made us lazy- I miss the days of birthday cards and greeting cards and stuff like that because you do not want to know the number of times I rolled my eyes upon seeing “hbd” or worse off “HBD” on my Facebook timeline! Seriously, take half a minute and at least type “Happy birthday,” put in some work please! It’s just one day and then I’ll not ask for anything else, just type in the words…like your smartphone could prompt the words for you too, why not put it to use?

I whined about this last year, but my whining this year goes to show that not all my friends read my blog, because they’d have gotten the memo.

It’s been an interesting work/ relaxing day for me. All I wanted was to sit down, eat fish and listen to Emma Jalamo. Since moving to Mbita, I’ve become fond of the Tourist Hotel that’s a five-minute walk from where I stay and it’s got a lovely view of the Lake and amazing staff, so I thought why not spend my birthday there and just relax?

Here’s my look of “please get my fish ready asap!”

And here’s what I was served…and you know the eagerness that comes with wanting something? Well, let’s just say that I did finish the fish but not the chips 😦 because you know I had to get another cup of coffee at sunset!

Fish+Chips 🙂

I am learning that I don’t always have to be right and it’s more about understanding the other person in that particular context. On top of this, I am dealing with falling short of this lesson because I’m often wondering just what next?

It’s difficult not wanting to say “I told you so,” but all in all, I am glad that I’ve come this far and still working on my writing so that’s something.

Have a great weekend world!

4 thoughts on “A little thing about birthdays

    1. Now, I don’t know whether to scream at you or swallow hot coffee for simply typing three letters and adding an exclamation mark after reading a post that’s more than 400 words. 😞😔😞


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