A difference of opinion

The gods of writing have summoned me back to this blog. I keep telling myself that I will write and share my experiences but with an immersive work schedule that goes all through to ten o’clock in the night, there’s barely any mental attention left to share between writing and my nightly cup of coffee.

A friend invited me to lunch and I accepted the invitation because, she’d promised to get me chicken and a cold bottle of Fanta Orange 🙂

So, while we were catching up on old times, we saw these kids from the local school rush towards the lake, it was around midday, and they were carrying jerricans. As we watched, my friend kept asking me about the water shortage situation here in Mbita, and how ironical it was given that the lake was in our faces ( as she put it). We were joined by some of her colleagues and their presence reminded me of a trickling tap, you know, one drop and then another, then a few more and before you know it, your bucket’s full. So, by the time we were being served, our table of four had been merged with two more and suddenly we were twelve, everyone talking and no one paying close attention to whatever the other person was saying save for a few hints of laughter and nodding of heads.

100_8583 But, there’s always a bit of you that you cannot keep under wraps in any public setting and I think I just messed up my chances of working with someone and here’s the deal, I am not losing my marbles over it. If this would have happened two years or three years ago, I would have been panicking but now, it is not worth losing any sleep over.

Some time in between lunch one of her friends asks me “so what do you do?”

I answered “I live my life.”

He looked at me and shook his head and then asked “No, I mean what do you do for a living?”

I answered again, “I do my best to be kind to everyone around me, to give as much of me as I can so that anyone who meets me does not go thinking ‘I wish I didn’t meet her,’ so that’s me.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, aren’t you?” I asked and at this point, the table went quiet. See, half of them were Accountants and the other half, well, I didn’t probe that much.

“But that’s not the point? You have not answered my question?” he said.

“I have answered your question, the way I see it, you did not receive the answer you were expecting.”

“That’s beside the point.”

“I see it differently and I appreciate the point.” He simply shook his head and made a comment about the music that was playing in the background. No one asked me anything after that and as I was walking back home, my friend simply hugged me and said she enjoyed my company and I shouldn’t be a stranger.

Now, I’m seated here, my thoughts going back to that afternoon and I feel so refreshed, I think I just smiled.

Have a lovely weekend, world!

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