Meet Sifuna

I lost my mind over the need to wrap up this book so much so that I did not write a word of it for three months. It’s the most frustrated I’ve been and I have the distinct feeling that anyone who’s read my previous publications would definitely want to throw this in my face, but I’m here for that…I think, it’s time for another kind of high, another kind of story telling that doesn’t drain me as much as the need for the perfection of this book did.

So, hello world, my latest story, Sifuna, is available in a few stores. Get the links here: (

Sifuna ebook by Dora Okeyo

If you like apps like Playster, click here to get the link and read the book: (

Here’s a sample:

If you rounded up all the cowards in the world, Baoya would be their leader. However, Baoya was his father’s son, and his father was Lamaana. To the people who knew the history of democracy in Kenya, Lamaana was a name that was etched in history books. There was a street in the capital city named after the valiant and humble leader. To say that Baoya was a coward is to insult the memory of Lamaana, but, sometimes if not all times, the truth has to be given room to announce its presence.

Baoya walked into his office at noon holding the daily newspaper in his hand. He had called in earlier to cancel two meetings. Akinyi, his beautiful wife, had already gone to work. She had prepared the children for school before leaving for work like she always did. He was hanging his coat by the door when his secretary walked in with a tray. “Good morning Baoya, how are you doing today?”

“I am fine, thank you. Do we have any updates on the stock from Nairobi?”

“Mr. Patel called to inform us that he had already sent his team. They should be at our warehouse by two this afternoon. He apologized for the inconvenience stating that there was some kind of holdup at Naivasha at the checkpoint.”

“Patel is the greatest liar of all time. What kind of inconvenience does he mean, especially at a checkpoint and more so of a truck transporting household items?”

“I don’t know. Look, I have brought you some tea and bread. There is a meeting that you have to attend at four today so don’t miss out.”

“I’m sorry about this morning. We could not get sleep last night. A group of boys came to our house and they were chanting slogans in support of Laghai. I had to sneak my wife and the kids out of the compound and check them into a hotel for the night.”

“Can I say something?”

“I have never prevented you from speaking your mind Dorothy.”

“You should not trust everything you hear from Sifuna. I know we are childhood friends. Trust me; I am grateful that you gave me a job when no one else was willing to. I also know that you cannot trust a man who starts speaking before unbuttoning his coat when he sits.”

“Are you saying that you do not trust him based on how he dresses?”

“I am saying that is one of the reasons why I do not trust him. Look, you are a businessman. You have been a pillar for your community for over five years. You never thought of taking up a political position.”

“It was all before the government was devolved.”

“I know and devolution is a great way of spreading national resources to the forty seven counties. I do not see how you would choose to be despised by people all in the name of vying for a position.”

“I am willing to try. I do not know what the outcome would be but sometimes when I think of how hard I work to ensure that the scholarship beneficiaries are in school, I wonder just how much more I can take.”

“You will need millions to campaign. When you campaign there is a likelihood that you could either win or lose. If you win then you have access to a salary and more networking opportunities within the government. The way I see it, these networking opportunities will either come with demands for kickbacks or not, so you either get forty percent of what you need or become blacklisted among the politicians as a morally upright person. Once you are blacklisted the plans for the demise of your political career begin. It is not worth all the stress Baoya, trust me, you are better off leading as you’ve always been doing.”

“They are pushing me into something that I never wanted to relive Dorothy. Yes, I know that Sifuna is not to be trusted because of all that’s happening to me, the greatest concern was who leaked my identity to News Channel. Akinyi told me that she felt it was Sifuna. I also thought so at first but then he weaved his way out of that question with his silver tongue.”

“If you ever wondered where the serpent in the Garden of Eden slithered to, I’d say he took another form and perched on Sifuna.”


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