If I ever run out of time

He said, “If I ever run out time, know that you’re like coffee…”

selective focus photography of black ceramic tea mug and plate on brown wooden table during daytime
Karl Chor/ Unsplash.com

I smiled at this, but he shook his head, he believes I read too much into him.

I never listen, but he does not know this.

You are like coffee…sometimes I want you dark so you can dim the lights within me.

Sometimes, I want you served hot…stinging my tongue, pacing my words, checking my thoughts at the door of my mind.

You come sweet sometimes…but it’s not the reason why I am drawn to you.

Like coffee, whichever form, taste, temperature or vessel you take…you’re there and sometimes, I take that for granted, I should not.

I should never have…and chances are, I may once in a while, but if I ever run out of time, know that it was never because of you…


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