Love is the lightning the gods use to test men. You get distracted by the thunder and before you know it, you’ve missed the flash of light.

Almasi told everyone this.

It was his life’s song, like the sirens that came before him, he sang it to himself and more so to others, but they all knew the truth. Their eyes saw what love was before he could and they too knew that the gods were unforgiving and so they never dared speak against him. He was to them the moon that lit up the sky, the tiny flashes of light embodied in the millions of stars that graced the night sky…oh, and when he sang, oh when he sang, the devil danced!

Every night Almasi would sit by the shores of the lake and count the stars until he drifted off to sleep. The daughter of the lake was yet to open her eyes, but the slow movements of her chest told him she had life in her…she was simply taking her time to make the life known.

So, he slept by the lake…his thoughts going from the life he lived to his beloved and sometimes when he could not reign his fire, he’d accept the company of a maiden who was willing to share the fire and warmth between her legs…oh, how he buried himself in the memory of Nalia.

bonfire near seashore during nighttime
Kyle Peyton/

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