Things that speak to me

It’s almost ten o’clock. I should be going through reports, but I have just had a workout session and I can’t seem to catch my breath. I’ll take a shower, finish my coffee, dress up and leave for work in an hour or less.

The morning workout is part of this month’s focus. I’m taking drastic changes by having a list of top ten each month that I feel would have an impact on my life and health.

For May:

  1. Workout in the morning.
  2. Walk to and from work every day using the long route!
  3. Read more of the Old Testament ( there are some epic stories therein I tell you, and I am learning that there are better ways to read the Bible, to engage with it and not just from the “If you will..” perspective)
  4. Read more articles from: The Elephant:
  5. Drink more ginger + lemon+ honey water in the morning and right before going to bed.
  6. Listen more often.
  7. Enjoy listening to: Paradoxology by Elevation Worship and Victory (Live) by Bethel Music
  8. Write more: both fiction and non-fiction (keep writing those long-form articles)
  9. Say thank you more often, life’s short.
  10. Drink more water and get your tasks done!

I started this month on an epic note reading Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay.


And I love epics, just as much as I love any story that’s got dragons in it 🙂 but what made me buy the book was reading about a young man who got the gift of 250 Sardian ( very magnificent) horses and he suddenly finds himself the talk and threat of a whole empire.

It’s a great read, well-paced and I love how the author unpacks his characters and you get weaved into plots and sub-plots that you did not see coming whilst reading it.

However, that’s barely it (let me sip some coffee…) yes, where was I? Right, that’s barely why I am writing this, but I love how books speak to me. Some books can take me on a journey that makes it hard for me to come back to reality because I never know how far gone I am until someone talks to me. A friend called me and I noticed this was so because I told her “Time runs both ways. We make stories of our lives,” and she asked “where did that come from?

I was already quoting this book! So, I’ll throw in another quote for good measure because it seems like this book is still in my system.

“Life offered you love sometimes, sorrow often. if you were very fortunate, true friendship.”

Do you have any goals for May or should I call them your ten little things that you want to do or try out this month?

Have a great week and since it’s Thursday, lo and behold, I smell a weekend, but I’ll be reading something on another Writer who intrigues me:


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