I love you like rain

I love you like rain.

Your presence is felt before your touch is felt.

Dark skies for those moments you do not wish to be nice when you’re conflicted.

Light showers like the bits of ‘hey, I just wanted to check up on you,’ or ‘who is stealing you away from me?’ or ‘your laugh is contagious, did you ever know of that?’

You’re thunder, loud and unexpected but more like lightning, so bright your presence cannot be ignored, heads turn, murmurs are stirred, thoughts are conjured…when you walk into a room.

dew drops on glass panel

Oh, but when you pour, you leave me drenched!

Sometimes, I see you and wish I could cast a spell…something like a wizard’s charm, maybe something Lady Morgana or Mama Ifeoma would conjure up…something so spicy and nasty you’d never mess with me again.

But you know what happens when love makes itself known,

Thoughts are just that…thoughts

So, just like rain, show some mercy on my heart…nourish this life,

Floods of emotion may abound

May they cause an erosion of what’s unsound

I love you like rain…now pretty please, would you just jolt me onto the next paragraph?

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