Oya! Fine Guy…

I see you,

Yes you.

man wearing cowboy hat
Melody Jacobs/ Unsplash.com

You just passed by me, unaware of what the sight of you does to my pheromones.

Oya! Fine Guy, the piece of dark chocolate, in blue jeans and a black t-shirt,

Not you, I’m talking about the one who’s assailed my nostrils with his musky-lime cologne scent.

You are like golden brown fried onions waiting for that blend of tomato to create one mean paste! Have I told you about the movie they’d cast you in? Trust me, even I have no clue, I’m not a movie buff, but as a Writer, I’d never kill you as a character.

Yes, you…I see you.

Oya! Fine Guy, please don’t walk back up to me, because this world is full of surprises and I for one I’m not a fan of shrill tones or accents…

I know, it’s wrong but you know what being prejudiced got Lizzy? Yeah, a fortune!

So, keep your swag and pride walking down the street, your feet carrying you miles away from me as I compose myself.

Oya! Fine Guy! I see you,

Stay fresh all day…this country’s done a number on your type…but for what it’s worth, you Guy, the one who just messed up my composure, you are one fine piece of Art and don’t you ever think or feel otherwise when you stand before the one that’s caught your breath!

6 thoughts on “Oya! Fine Guy…

    1. Aki najibu 12hours later, but isokey! Pheromones ni chemicals zinareleasiwa na body, and can act like hormones sometimes- and huweza attract ama affect behavior ya watu around. Wah! Sema NatGeo mode! In short ni kama msupa ama case in point Fine Guy amewalk by anaconfuse watu mbaya.


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