I love the Sun

I love the Sun,

But does she love me back?

Does she see me down here, the one who receives the glow from her rays?

I love the Sun,

but how can I know she loves me back?

Should I ask the Moon to send her a message?

Should I like the Night slide into her DMs and maybe…await a response at dawn, of whether she thinks of me?

What would she say, eh?

Do you know?

Do you care to know?

Taiisia Stupak/ Unsplash.com

I love the Sun,

But, you know she’s not my type…you know what, she’s way too hot, way to prompt with her rising and setting, and word is, she’s good with the moon.

I love the Sun.

I love how she lives without my consent.

I love how she goes about her business without my approval.

I love that she knows when to step up, shine, blaze, scorch and go to rest.

No one messes with the Sun,

Seven billion and counting have tried and keep trying but she always gets the best of them,

Now wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing, if my sisters could live without the consent of their oppressors?

Now wouldn’t it be a thing to behold if my sisters and I could walk, work, thrive and love without fear? Without the thought of being tied down to a belief, perception, role, rule and person?

I love the Sun,

But does she love me back?

Oh child of the Universe, how life awaits you!

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