Send Me a River

Send me a River, won’t you?

A slow, steady provision of water, for every tear I’ve shed,

Replenish the salt with fresh pure water,

Slow steady meandering around rocks, ferrying twigs, leaves, branches downstream.

Send me a River, will you?

To be the strength I need when you’re gone,

To be the light I need when you’re coming home,

To be the joy I need when you get home.

To be everything but me…a river would do that.

body of water

Send me a River, can you?

To make up for the years you’ve been away,

To soak up the war you carry in your head and heart,

To silence the war in you, and bring back the one I sent out,

To prove that war changes a man, but not his soul…to make me stay up at night praying for you, for your smile…for I’d trade that River for your smile…for your fear, for your anger, for your bitterness, for everything that war did unto you…you know I will.

So, send me a River, that I may wash away these sins…these sins that we wear as our skins, oh that they may not scar our children….

Send me a River.

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