You know I love you

You know I love you right?

I could probably say it better, make it mean more than just a confirmation of a declaration, but when it comes to you,

Oh, you unsettle me.

You scatter my wits and where my head reigns you reside.

You know what’s mine before my heart declares it.

We live in words, thoughts and sometimes…we choose to come undone in the consequences.

I live for peace and understanding,

But you who know that what’s written by you can be erased, do not…

So our words come and go but the traces of their presence lingers on.

I love you.

I knew I did when I was eight…and over the years you’ve been a friend, a solace, a confidante…a ruler…

Now here goes my heart, for my mind’s far gone and I seek to venture into my mind to write another story.

You know I love you right?

You know I need you right?

You know that of all I’ve said, only one word rings true, right?

Now be a dear and let’s write.

black pencil on ruled notepad beside white ceramic mug and gray laptop computer

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