Choose Me: Short story

She walked to the door. Apartment 325B.

Her mind was set on redemption. The brown door beckoned her knuckles. She knocked thrice and waited. She thought of time and what she would say. She raised her hand again as if to knock when she noticed the door-bell. She pressed it once.

Feelings that come back are feelings that never left. How could she still yearn for him after this time? She was hoping that her friend did not invite him. She adjusted her bag on her shoulder then waited.

If he was dating someone, she would accept it.

If the person he was dating was prettier than her, then she would have to deal with it. Her eyes scanned the other apartments on that floor. It was a beautiful complex. She could have loved to live in such a place. She snapped out of it when she heard, “hey! You came! It’s been a minute, right? Get in! Get in! Heey…people, meet my best of bestest friends Alice!”

She was choked in a tight hug, before she heard, “did you bring it? Okay, cool…thanks, the drinks are on your right, go get something to drink and lunch will be ready in a few, sawa? I mean, just chill, I will be with you in like a minute, sawa sawa. Okay, and thanks for coming! Now, go mingle!”

Her friend disappeared before she could say ‘hello’. She looked at her rush into the kitchen and laughed. Barbz never sat still. She talked faster than she breathed at times. Her eyes went round the room. She could acknowledge twenty people. She poured herself a glass of juice then headed out for the balcony. She was glad he wasn’t here. She didn’t see him and that came as a great relief. The room was full of laughter and alcohol that exchanged hands.

“Still running away from the crowd I see.”

That voice haunted her. She put down her glass on the wooden stool beside her and turned to her right. Her mind hoped her heart would react better.

She reached out for the railing as she saw those eyes. She expected him to look worse. He looked better than her. She looked down afraid of what her eyes revealed. He took three steps towards her then stopped. She counted each step by the number of tiles.

Excerpt from Choose Me, a short story published on Smashwords in January 17, 2014.

Choose Me

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