Dark Cocoa

You say I collect people like I do my words,

The ones that I need are simple words they roll off my tongue like ‘yes’

The ones I do not need are words found on legal documents,

The tiny script that says “terms and conditions” that I glaze over just to sign.


You say I collect feelings like I do my breath

Gasping as I drown in my worries,

Smiling as I soak up joy and euphoria.

man holding lighter

It’s how uncertain I am, a mystery, an unknown…and you light up another cigarette.

You walk across the room, open the window, sit right next to it and look back at me.

“What hurts me is how I never really know you…See, with most people I can definitely say that I can predict their next moves as surely as I can their life, but with you, nothing.”

You cross your legs.

Look back at me and attempt a smile.

I want to tell you what you are, “Dark Cocoa” but like every word in my soul, I am unable to set them free.

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