I Lost Me When I Found You by Miss T.N.King

Once in a while, you experience moments that call you out or bring such clarity in your life that you cannot help but sit back, reflect and change your path.

I came across Miss T. N. King’s book, “I Lost Me When I Found You” on Netgalley last week- and I wanted to read it, because for a while there have been blurred lines in my understanding and experience on love, with love and for love.

About the book: Have you ever lost yourself? In a candid and inspiring call to action, Miss T.N. King invites every woman who has felt depleted, hopeless, or “not enough” to reconnect and uncover her true, divine self—known as her Inner Goddess.Throughout this book, King exposes the “idols” we create in our minds and the lifestyles we use to distract ourselves—which leave us feeling lost and empty. She breaks down exactly how this happens and how we can transform our pain, fear, and setbacks into power, faith, and success.

King shares details of her personal journey, as well as the stories of several courageous women, and provides practical, proven tools to truly elevate us and our quality of life. Miss T.N. King shines the spotlight on relationships, career, money, body image, social media, the “superwoman” complex, women bashing on other women—and even “situationships”!

I loved the format of this book, first are the stories shared by other women “I lost myself when…” and you can actually relate to their situations. Then come the insights drawn from the Bible, the author’s experiences and famous people’s experiences and finally a call to action and those keys for reflection are amazing. This book would be great if it came with a journal. Some of the things that stood out for me were:


A common mistake I notice us women make is that we stop loving ourselves when we start loving a man.


In order to get something you’ve never had; you have to do something you’ve never done.


What happens when you settle for a situationship? You end up becoming the “New Side Chick”- a woman who has decided to stay by a man’s side after he had expressed his lack of relationship intentions with her through his words and actions.

And finally my favorite:

Be attracted to the way a man treats you, before you are attracted to anything else about him.

If you’d like to read the book for more insights, you can visit Miss King’s website http://www.misstnking.com/  and pre-order a copy of the book on Amazon currently priced at $9.99

Copy of TK Book Launch Square-3000x3000 (10).png
Picture courtesy of Miss King’s website.

I’m glad that my 30 day new challenge for August has been sparked by reading this book and I made a list of things I love about myself and then another of things I wish I could change about myself and why-and looking at the two is my next step of action.

Can’t wait to see what this new challenge brings me.

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