I am having one those days where my mind’s unsettled by matters unclear to me. I’ve come to love such days. Where no sleep means time to write, to ask myself ‘what if?’ and churn a story out of that, some dark, others silly but all of them in need of editing.

It’s two minutes to five o’clock in the evening as I type this sentence.

I have had three cups of milk tea and two mandazis. The sun is in her glory outside so I am seated on the floor typing away, using words to make it through this feeling I have.

Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever been in love whilst asleep only to wake up shuddering at the level of mockery your mind would make you endure whilst reality jolted you back into facts?

I yearn for such vivid dreams. Maybe they’ll come my way, however, if they do come your way instead of me, be a darling and write about it, at least I’d read something thrilling.

Have you ever made something, shared it and then thought, no- this need work and then shelved it again? I have started editing Sifuna and cannot wait to have it published this year in Kenya.

milky way digital wallpaper

I thought I was a galaxy, but the mood I am in today only serves to remind me how wrong I was to think in singular whilst I dwelled in plural, so now I am changing my outlook, I am going to sit here and listen to the sound of my heart beating- remind myself of every cheerful memory my mind can conjure up and maybe then…just then will being galaxies make sense to me.

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