12 Habits for Life by Matt D’Avella

I came across this video on YouTube and clicked ‘play’ so fast you’d have thought my mind needed the fix.

Matt D’Avella shares his experiences, having gone through the journey of reading self-help books, living, working, stressing and yearning to improve the quality of his day-to-day life.

I love a video that goes straight into the topic and can I just add that those ad breaks always make me stop and open another tab to actually get some work done? This video doesn’t have that- and you can subscribe to watch many more of his videos.

So, he shares the following habits which I found quite interesting and I’ll tell you why, let me list them first:

1. Exercise.
2. Eat more veggies.
3. Read.
4. Drink water.
5. Stop buying stuff.
6. Meditate.
7. Build routines.
8. Passion project.
9. Declutter.
10. Journal.
11. Wake up early.
12. Quit social media

Would you say that the habits he shares are practical or can be easily applied to your daily life?

In my mind, I was like “Easy,” I mean- I have done these at some point and especially number two – seems like most of my life given that I do not eat red meat ( and for quite some time now, get an allergic reaction when I try eggs.)

Ever heard of the 5am club by Robin Sharma? I did that in 2018 and then my sleep cycle changed when I changed jobs.

I literally checked off everything including keeping a journal ( for I’ve been doing so since I was 12, and it’s got some great ideas for my writing).

You’d think I’ve got my life all together and truth is I don’t even know if together is anywhere near a description of my life. And I know where I missed the mark, it was in thinking that if I do any of these things once then that’s good- or by treating them like cold medication, and stopping when things seem fine.

I’d love to try being consistent and intentional with the first 11 habits for the next 30 days. I am currently working on success stories for the projects at work- and so, quitting social media would not be ideal at this point, especially when I’ve been put in charge of both Instagram and Facebook content development.

Let’s call this my October plan and see just how much I learn from the journey.

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