I once heard that those who came before me,

Years and years before the inception of the alphabet,

These people traveled the skies,

Soared on earth and relished worlds,

“How did they do this?” I asked.

“How did they know where to go without a map?”

“Oh…you silly child,” she said, “they knew because their souls knew where to turn left, right, where to catch a breath, where to lay down their heads and where to sprint.”

“How come?” I asked.

“Well, nowadays you have all these maps, all these signs leading you everywhere but nowhere. You are lost because you do not chart your own path…you strive to be like everyone else and what a sad life you lead…you take pictures to show strangers that you are happy, yet your own soul is unknown to you…all these maps…”

Close-up Photo of Woman With White Tattoo

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