I am Lavender, you say.

I come to you like a field of never ending scent that assails your nostrils.

You wander to worlds beyond whenever you behold my countenance.

It’s how you utter these words, like they’re the air you breathe…

It’s how you utter gold and act like dust that astounds me.

One hails from the other, but it’s value is placed higher than that which it hails from.

Coffee Filled on Mug Surrounded by Purple Flowers

I am Lavender, you say…

You want to soak me up, to relish in the presence I offer,

You want to devour me, as much as you can, for though I am Lavender,

I am the wind, I slip through your fingers even when you were unaware of my presence.

So, you churn these thoughts in your mind,

You say and do as you please,

You love and have as much as you can and flee,

Never staying long enough to receive the love you’d given.

It’s you that’s Lavender, it’s you that fills up a room with your scent and leave long before it fills up our nostrils.

It’s you that flees, a gentle breeze like the wind, a benign thought…a soul wandering the realms of this earth, unaware of how much love he’d get if only he stood still.


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