I’ve traveled the world,

Soared, sailed, trekked, biked, driven…I have.

I’ve traveled the galaxies,

Loved, hurt, broken, wounded, scarred, indebted, promised, cherished…I have.

I’ve seen you,

Oh, you who chose to stay when everyone including me, left.

Woman in White Dress

How is it that you smile given what you’ve been through?

How is it that in your scars dwell more light than in mine?

How is it that you who has been shattered dare comfort me, without hurting me?


You smile, oh, Beauty, and say…”I have been through it all, will still endure some more, but the one place I’ve learned to make habitable is my home. I carry my essence, my being, everywhere I go, so no matter what comes my way…I’m always home.”

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