Just a little bit…

“Do you trust me?”

You ask…four words, yet upon them hang the weight of a memory, a single occurrence, a thought.

Silhouette of Man

I do what I do best…I smile and shrug my shoulders and look away.

We’ve been here Stardust.

You seek atonement, I seek freedom.

Release me Stardust, and, you may just find yourself.

The waiter sets a glass of milkshake before me and a cup of black coffee before you.

How is it that you stir your coffee anti-clockwise?

I am here Stardust. I see you and I love this new found space, this new understanding of how flawed you are and that you are embracing every bit of it.

You are wounded Stardust.

I do not care, not particularly. I am astounded at how you choose to beat yourself up for being human…so I am not angry anymore, anger is expensive.

I am serene, Stardust.

At least I think I am…just a little bit.

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