The Bee Keeper’s lessons

I have been reading The Honey Bee: A Business Parable about Getting Un-Stuck and Taking Control of Your Financial Future. This book popped up in my “Read Now” galley on NetGalley and I wanted to read it because I can’t seem to get my finances in check, and also I’ve been exploring modes of investing and saving that go beyond the ordinary “chama” that we have here in Kenya.

It’s written by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro.

178 pages/ River Grove Books

The authors take a fictional approach to unpack six lessons that they’ve learned in the course of their lives and financial investments. It’s a short book, easy to read and I love the kind of books that make you want to sit down and re-evaluate your life.

This one does so in the most creative way- there’s the final section in each chapter that summarizes the lessons learned and each lesson builds upon the previous one.

I’m yet to meet anyone who hasn’t struggled with managing their finances and for as long as we can make money, there’s also the desire to find as many ways of doing so, and never running out it. This is why I feel a lot of people would relate to this book.

The greatest lesson I learned from this book is:

Create Streams of Purpose: Money isn’t your reason, it only finds it.

I could spoil it for you and share all the 6 lessons, but then what’s the fun in doing that? You may learn a thing or two, if you go in search of the book- besides who’s to tell what your experience may be reading it?

It’s going for $0.99 on Kindle and $14.93 on Paperback

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